Detectives: As you asked me to e-mail you here is my reply to your "visit" from this morning. If I can be any further help in your dutiful "due process and equal process" investigation for those for whom I legally speak please contact me. Attached is my 2 page email being posted on the web site that also may help keep things simple.

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From: Subject: MORE reply To: Cc:, Date: Monday, March 22, 2010, 6:13 AM

At least Dr John Berry would be proud of me standing against sect hypocrites Crist/ Bush/Chapin/Gee/Bean/+Ober et al; Jeffers/Howlett/Smoak;Nasworthy/Meister/Beck; Couey/ENRON/Madoff- John Grant. Dr Berry for CPCS had the courage to come to me in 1995 thinking of my family integrity and ask me as FBCCP Nominations Ethics Supreme Court Committee member to oppose the money stealing criminal Sect with him. Now that facts exposed proved Dr Berry was an honorable man who led in TRUTH and was blessed as CPCS was during his leadership years and he sought to protect money he guided to be raised for CPCS- and me to use as Long Range Planning Committee Chairman to continue the Missions Quest of uncle Floyd-the founding pastor and honest people---he had the courage and right to tell Beck et al do not take money from closed accounts to pad your pockets by tax evasion as Nasworthy said 10/1995. Then they devised a plan to steal by fraud more money as eminent domain from tax payers. Then they let Beck by fraud buy property the church said "NO" to buying so "Beck could have more bathrooms...." Then they backed Becks frauds just to abduct my kids since 9/1999! The Grant/Bush/Crist/Gee/Ober/Bean/Norman/Scruggs/Gray "Odious" and "Outrageous" conspiracy is just unfolding for the public at large by the latest Grant 11/2009 threat e-mail and the Gray disbarment and the frauds of the judges pulling the criminals out of their caves and exposing their own actions of just how far they will go to do the RICO gang crimes to a Church and tax payers! As the Orlando suit proved lawyers and politicians can sell out a citizen then this TAMPA suit shows they will do it to us all even as a church. The Bean FDLE investigation is just a tip of the iceberg for the grand jury! I have no guilt in what Dr Berry asked me to do and as I promised honest people when I took Dr Warners/Berry and their elected votes in 1994! You and your "Idle and Wild church pretending friends" stray and let it cost me my family by your loosing site of the war and who is the enemy! Go ahead and forward these facts to your Idle friends and gang who mock you and justice by keeping you from justice and jails! How do you say you have true Worship with the frauds your members allow. If it was them being attacked by loosing their kids and rights and all property they would understand as Dr Berry did what justice really is and come along with me and expect help! I sue for them and you as alleged "religious", fathers, "citizens and tax payers". Yet no one fully helps me expose how much Jeffers et al allows to be stolen to his own pockets so to keep conspired control and by how much damage his wife as principal did and STILL DOES to my abducted kids since the Nominations Committee opposed her employment forced by Beck because Jeffers and Howlett let them steal and turn in false reports since 1995 as Dr Berry said and I finally partly got by court order on 2006. These are the verses your church Pharisees hypocrites need to obey. II Chron 7:14; Phil 3:18-19; II Thes 3:6-14; I Tim 1:7-10; Deut 25:1-4; Acts 24: 13; Matt 10:14-42; Matt 5:11 and Luke 6:22. Your hypocrite friends threaten me still after I proved them the lovers of frauds. Mr Grant-----I remember skipping school and taking a bus trip to Tallahassee when Grant was elected (allegedly a man for Christian and family rights) and also one first Christmas in Dade City without my kids shaking again your hand and now all of you don't stop these John Couey/Bernie Madoff proved criminals who still threatens my innocent kids and a church you say you love. They are kids threatened to not contact me and you allegedly play worship with the kidnappers! Where are honest people --them will I associate with and they will accept and not attack me for telling the truth and calling a fraud a crime as it is my duty to warn. Words of TRUTH said by Dr Berry and me since 1995 are not slander to the innocent victims! It is you and your gang who should be investigated if there are any truthful law enforcers out there to protect me and the victims for whom I patiently speak since my youth!