3 October 2014


Over these past 15 plus years several members of the Hillsborough Commission and County Attorney the County Administrator Pat Bean knew of criminal actions against me and those for whom I speak! From the back row in the afternoon session of the BOCC Meeting I heard the desire if the Commissioners to treat all citizens equally!

I also could feel the passion and hurt from the heart of Commissioner Miller when he was treated in a disrespected manner in front of his daughter! I ask then for this Commission to stop Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee directing and allowing criminals to do vile criminal acts against me and my Church!

Commissioner Miller as a Baptist Deacon how can you ignore my plea to stop proved criminals doing self enrichment and dealings to themselves and illegally taking money from Designated Accounts the members vote to direct the use of each quarter and in the yearly budget meeting ! Then when in 1994 our administrators "alias honorable pastors" Admitted Bylaws violations for their own evasion of taxes and giving themselves raises the members commissioned me to uncover their frauds!

Dr.John Berry and I sought help from John Grant and David Gibbs and deputies in our membership to uncover the risked actions of the alias honorable clergy Elbert Nasworthy and Ron Beck and Herman Meister. Instead the coverup was done and these persons continued many years of corruption still ongoing today! On September 8, 1999 I said 1. Show me the Money; 2. Stop the building scheme frauds; 3. Stop lying to my family ! Instead Mr.Miller the now proved criminals called me "A liar"; "Dangerous with guns"; "an infidel" and I was even accused of molesting and abusing my kids!

Now that I have proved I was right and all they have done is frauds, your Sheriff David Gee and others keeps threatening me for exposing all their crimes! Since 1994 your deputies and John Grant and Commissioners, Pat Bean and others have tried to slander and libel and do frauds while they continue to extort and threaten me, my kids and those honorable members of they church who elected me to get them the truth! That I still do as I am per the law still acting as the Church Supreme Court of Ethics Member doing my duty per our Bylaws and State and Federal Laws !

Just prior to coming to the afternoon session at the HCSO main 8th Street Gate three Deputies were sent to make threats to me to stop me from exposing crimes ongoing to my kids and Church!

I am as since 1994 trying to expose how much money was diverted illegally to where just as the crimes were reported in September at the Palma Ceia Church by their administrator!

This commission also fired Pat Bean and Renee Lee for giving themselves raises and so did my church in 2007 after getting the partial records I got in 2006 as demanded in 1999 and prior times!

Deputies and judges do not have the right to block me seeing 100% of my Church records at any time nor do they have the right to stop me from assembly with my kids and Church members ! Our Bylaws are a Due ProcessContract!

By funding Sheriff Gee and his deputies in proved criminal acts even the HCSO reported to the Sarasota Commissioners was the same illegal acts by Police Chief Abbot as the HCSO has done you and these others commissioners are aiding and abetting and funding criminal ongoing acts!

John Grant posted lies on Facebook that I had been arrested and he has filed many emails of threats with the Help of Sheriff Gee and Mark Ober and their agents!

This Dad and Church Elected Officer of the Church Supreme Court wants justice!

What say you!